The Partner Institute

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The TPI Leadership Training Model

A Cohesive Development Regimen

As our development model illustrates, each TPI participant is immersed in a cohesive development regimen that balances feedback and interaction among their instructors, coach, firm sponsor and classmate peers.

TPI Learner

The participant is the focal point of the program and the person with whom core accountability lies. The program has been designed to offer rich learning opportunities in various formats; however, it is up to the participant to leverage the elements of the program to the fullest extent. The participant’s responsibilities are to:

  • fully engage in every benefit of the program (e.g. classroom time, networking, assessments, coaching sessions, and sponsor meetings)
  • create and maintain an Individual Development Plan which includes overarching goals for the program, action steps being taken toward those goals, and progress regarding actions
  • try new things as a result of feedback and learning, even though it may feel “out of the comfort zone”
  • give feedback and feedforward to their sponsor, coach, and instructor regarding The Partner Institute™ experience
TPI Learner
TPI Coach

The Coach

Each participant is assigned a coach for the duration of the program. The coach’s responsibilities are to:

  • make sure the participant has an Individual Development Plan including overarching goals created in collaboration with the firm sponsor
  • help the participant assess proficiency in the competencies being taught
  • support the participant in identifying specific actions necessary to move towards the overarching goals
  • challenge the participant to get outside his or her comfort zone and try new things that will support learning and development
  • listen to sponsor feedback and work with participant to leverage strengths and address opportunities for improvement
  • maintain the confidentiality of all coaching discussions

The Sponsor

Each participant enrolled in The Partner Institute™ is expected to be assigned a sponsor internal to the firm. The sponsor is typically a Partner with more experience in the firm who will act as a mentor. The sponsor’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • assist and guide the participant as he or she develops program goals
  • participate in Sponsor Briefing Webinars after each training session
  • meet with the participant on an ongoing basis throughout the program
  • observe participant behavior and give feedback to the participant and coach
  • clear the path for the participant inside the firm so they have the support and resources needed to maximize learning and return on investment
TPI Sponsor
TPI Instructor

The Instructor

The TPI instructors share the common goal of helping participants develop crucial skills through first-class training courses. The instructors’ primary responsibilities are to:

  • facilitate class sharing expertise on subjects
  • bring together knowledge of the accounting industry
  • provide framework for TPI coaches to create a culture of accountability

The Peer Network

Each participant develops a peer network with their class at the beginning of their three year program. The peer network’s responsibilities are to:

  • provide best practice insight to help peers with challenges
  • check in between sessions to discuss challenges and successes
  • develop accountability partners for long-term skill maintenance
TPI Peers