The Partner Institute

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A Proven Track-Record of Results

TPI has been developing future leaders in the profession since 2004. Often imitated but never replicated, we are proud of our proven track-record of success and of the fact that we enjoy a significant amount of “repeat” business from firms enrolling additional participants. Don’t take our word for it though, you can hear from our graduates first hand.

Steven Ball

I would highly recommend TPI to anyone interested in developing future leaders who can see beyond the immediate. At Gross, Mendelsohn we have sent a total of 6 future and current partners through the program which speaks for itself. The skills we learned have been instrumental in our firm achieving a successful transition of leadership to the next generation. The values taught in the program have been woven into our firm core values which has helped to improve our culture that we believe will benefit us for years to come.

The relationships and interactions that take place within the group are also of great value in helping to create vision and confidence in oneself. Many thanks to all at The Growth Partnership for their excellent program.

Steven Ball, CPA, CCIFP, CVA

Gross, Mendelohn & Associates, P.A.
Tara Clowes

This was a wonderful experience for me. I think the best part of the TPI program is that it didn’t just focus on my job or how to improve my work. This program is about life. Everything I learned will help me be more productive and efficient in all aspects of my life, both professional and personal. The skills I have learned and the relationships I have made will stay with me for years to come.

Tara Clowes, CA, CFP

MacKay, LLP

I started with TPI when I joined SVA’s Principal Development Program. Through TPI, I was able to gain confidence in many areas of personal and practice management—Covey’s 7 Habits, time management, personnel management, sales planning, best practices and more! The foundational tools that we were given have helped me to better plan and prepare for the diverse challenges that CPAs in public practice encounter. Now as a principal with the firm, I am thankful for the investment that SVA made in me by providing me with the opportunity to participate in TPI. I would definitely recommend TPI for any firm’s leadership—new or experienced.

I also would like to echo others in acknowledging the personal relationships that TPI help to forge. The peer group of other professionals from all over the country is invaluable. I truly cherish the friendships that we created.

Many thanks to everyone at The Growth Partnership for such a wonderful TPI program, and a special thank you to Beth for all of her wonderful coaching.

Douglas Berry, CPA

SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C.

I’m not sure I can say anything else about TPI that hasn’t already been said in prior comments, but for me, the TPI program really established a great foundation for me as I transition from a manager to a partner/leader of a practice. The topics discussed throughout the program are comprehensive and stretch across every type of role, issue, opportunity, and challenge a leader faces in a professional practice firm. Just as valuable as the classroom lessons are the knowledge sharing among the other participants and the business and personal relationships that develop from the beginning of the program through and beyond the graduation. For anyone or firm looking to develop professional service leaders, this program is superior to any other soft-skill training courses out there.

Patrick Braley, CPA, CVA

Senior Manager
Bennett Thrasher

As I look back on the my participation in the TPI program, I can honestly say I am honored to have been a participant in a program that brought some of the best business minds together for 25 days over the course of 3 years.

The TPI program is extremely well organized to ensure the participant achieves a well rounded approach towards personal development, business development, time management, and practice management. Upon graduation, you will most certainly be a stronger asset to your firm and even, dare I say, your family. I personally thought the TPI program got off on a perfect start by building our professional and personal foundation around the concepts included in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t consider some of the lessons I learned from this portion of TPI program.

Each of the instructors is an expert in their field and truly values your development as a professional and as an individual. The coaching calls I had with Beth undoubtedly helped me as I worked through some difficult situations and assisted me in developing game plans to address these situations in a productive and professional manner.

Lastly, the laughs and good times I shared with my fellow participants will never leave me. These memories alone were worth the cost of the program.

Ron Connor, CPA

Cole + Reed, PC

My experience in TPI provided me with great tools to grow and manage my practice and relationships to last a lifetime. TPI gave new and experienced partners a forum to discuss firm challenges and creative solutions. From the Seven Habits that truly can impact an individual’s performance and firm culture to the very practical business development and billing strategy training, we learned from experts in their respective fields and each other.

Personally, I gained so much more. I stay in touch with a number of my TPI colleagues on a personal and professional level. I have a number of friends across the country that I can call on when traveling.

Karen Fortune, CPA/CFF, MAcc

Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
Andy Johnson

Overall, TPI was such a great experience. When I first started the program, I just became partner at the firm. My intention was to build and develop my management and business development skills. After my three years in the program, I can honestly say that I’ve gained much more!

Business development is one of the key areas for me to work on. The Reluctant Salesperson training was instrumental in how I deal with my clients and prospects. The program offers a person the structure to work within and gives you tools necessary to build relationships with prospects and referral sources.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was also an enlightening experience that has helped me not only professionally, but in my personal life, as well. I’ve developed time management skills and learned to identify what my “big rocks” are in my day-to-day tasks.

Another important session for me was Understanding Teams and the Five Dysfunctions. The session has taught me how to effectively deal with the staff at our firm and to build trust with others.

I could not put a price on the information and knowledge I’ve gained in the program and the long lasting relationships I’ve developed with others in my program. When I first started the program, I did not realize that I would be making lifelong friendships. I know that I can call on anyone that attended the program with a question or an idea.

Andy Johnson, CPA

Geenen & Kolean, PC

Every day we are faced with significant opportunities and challenges in managing our practices. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by be the issues that confront us. I found the TPI program provided me with essential skills to meet the ever increasing demands of our profession. If you have identified the need to develop future leaders to ensure that your firm not only continues to survive but thrives as you look towards the future, the TPI is a program that will help you get there. Enrolling your people in the TPI program will demonstrate that you are committed to their future development and the TPI content will ensure that the individuals and your firm will reap significant rewards from this investment.

Shawn Kelso, CPA

Welch LLP
Karen Kirchman

TPI is an excellent program for developing firm leaders. Starting with self-development then moving to leadership skills, business development, goal setting and achievement…. TPI covers all areas of public accounting practice. Class is interactive; along with theory, TPI provides tools to implement for accomplishing both personal and firm growth. Moving past the technical part of your job, you learn skills to advance your career, contribute to your firm’s management, and enhance your client consulting value.

Another benefit of TPI is developing relationships with the instructors and fellow classmates. I now have friends across the continent – we can call on each other for ideas and celebrate successes together. We learned much from each other by sharing the issues faced and resolved through best practices in each of our firms.

Stanfield & O’Dell thinks highly of TPI programs. I graduated from the three-year program in 2009 and we currently have two Sr. Managers enrolled. Having multiple people in the firm going through the program is allowing us to better work together to implement new ideas. TPI is an integral part of our firm’s internal Partner Development Training program – you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Karen Kirchman, CPA

Managing Shareholder
Stanfield & O’Dell

To prospective participants in the Partner or Leadership Institute: I wholeheartedly echo what my classmate Marc Quigley shared in his testimonial. The content of the Leadership Institute was outstanding and directly relevant to my role as a new shareholder at my firm. Many of the concepts presented (in a first class manner by the instructors) remain part of my routine ranging from managing a department, providing outstanding client service and going to market. More so in this challenging environment, the partners of tomorrow need this content to increase their likelihood of success.

Paul Languirand, CPA

Managing Director / Shareholder
CBIZ Tofias | Mayer Hoffman McCann

For those currently or soon to be in leadership positions with your organization, this class is a must. It is a great forum for learning and sharing not only with the presenters, but also with shareholders/partners of other firms. We have had at least four of our senior managers or partners participate in the Institute program and it has definitely paid dividends in our organization.

Meresa Morgan, CPA

Audit Chairman
Briggs & Veselka Co.

My experience in The Leadership Institute has made a huge difference for me (both professionally and personally); and has allowed my firm to gain traction toward our goals.

When I started The Institute (in 2005) I was a relatively new partner in my firm (since 2003) and did not participate much in partner meetings (due to my concern of not having much value to add to discussions). The experience I gained from The Institute has not only given me the confidence to participate with ideas, but has led to my becoming the Partner-in-Charge of my firm’s tax department.

Having the opportunity to meet Charles Hylan from The Growth Partnership through The Institute has led to Charles have a direct involvement with my firm’s strategic retreat for the past three years. Charles has helped direct our collective energy and passion toward the accomplishment our my firm’s goals.

The relationships established with my classmates have led to not only a broad range of referral sources but (more importantly) valued friendships and professional resources with whom to share ideas.

I enthusiastically recommend the program to anyone wishing to broaden their personal and professional leadership skills.

David Neighbors, CPA

Tax Partner-in-Charge
Johanson & Yau Accountancy Corporation

CPE dollars are tight but your firm will continue to move forward and you need to be developing your future leaders. The Partner Institute is the best use of your valuable training dollars. I know the quality of the program because I have completed the 3 year course. The TPI course will focus your future leader on understanding and executing around priorities, motivating team members, implementing successful marketing strategies and building your firm for the long run. Anyone who wants to talk about the TPI should contact me and I will be happy to offer my input!

Maureen O’Gara, CPA

Managing Partner
Celestino Oh

The TPI program has been a great tool for me to use in my daily life. A great thing about the program is that it is very interactive. The facilitators, as well as my peers, make the sessions truly enjoyable and informative. The topics covered in the TPI program give you the tools needed to be an active, contributing partner in a successful firm. I would definitely recommend this program not only for the business knowledge, but for the life lessons as well.

Celestino Oh, CA

Associate Partner
MacKay, LLP
Marc Quigley

Jeff and the Team at TGP: I know I have shared with you in the past about the positive impact I have experienced from the Leadership Institute, and I welcome the opportunity to share my experience with others.

You’ll be pleased to hear that our firm has implemented many of the concepts you presented in the Institute and the impact to our firm and its clients continues to reinforce the value your program brings. It is extremely evident that our firm’s client development practices have improved and I’ve been given the tools to train our team in time-tested, proven techniques to generate revenue and improve client service. Selfishly, I am so grateful for the personal leadership tools you’ve presented to me, and the positive impact the Institute has had in my personal life. Your guidance and encouragement has been so helpful to me and I am extremely thankful for my time with TGP. Beth, Jeff and Charles were masterful in presenting the Institute’s concepts in a manner that will influence me and my firm for years to come.

Let me strongly encourage those who are considering participating in The Partner Institute with The Growth Partnership. Make an investment in yourself, your firm, and your clients. You will not regret your decision.

Marc Quigley, CPA

Moore Beauston Woodham

This program is a must for the future leaders in your firm. I joined this program as a first year tax manager. The skills and processes I obtained through the program, are now a part of my daily life. From dealing the usual day to day work, to dealing with staffing issues the concepts delivered by The Growth Partnership has helped to propel my leadership skills to the next level.

The difference the institute has made in my career can be measured with increased fees, more delegation, and ownership oppurtunites. I would definitely recommend this program to any manager in the public accounting industry.

J.P. Reck, CPA

Senior Tax Manager
LeMaster Daniels, PLLC
Matt Robertson

Three years ago I was given the opportunity to participate in the Partnership Institute and I can say the benefits of this program have been outstanding. At the time I had been a Senior Manager for approximately four years, and while I demonstrated some of the skills to be a partner, I was somewhat rough around the edges when it came to management and people skills. Through participation in the Partnership Institute not only did I learn these skills but was taught the proper way to implement in my professional and daily life.

Let me provide you with some examples. One of the areas the Partnership Institute trains its participants is on time management. That might seem like quite a daunting task in our profession, I mean who has time to have training on how to manage their time. Therein, lies the problem. TPI trains its participants on how to manage what they would call priority tasks and distraction tasks using a four square model approach. Sometimes this type of training sounds good in theory, but not realistic. I can say without a doubt the time management training not only works, but creates a work environment which is not only more productive but more enjoyable. Additionally, the training that TPI gives regarding managing people is exemplary. In reality, much of our job is managing people, not numbers. From our clients to our staff, we must learn training and managing skills to ensure that a job is properly completed while providing a productive and enjoyable work environment for our staff. TPI’s training modules regarding staff management has provided immeasurable benefits, from providing a more positive work environment for my co-workers to satisfaction from my clients. Finally, TPI doesn’t forget another important aspect to our profession, selling our services. TPI provides quality instructors well versed in consulting accountants on the tools necessary to sell services to their clients and providing a quality product. Quality communication and time management is the key to any successful relationship. TPI not only understands the importance of this, they train their participants to excel in these areas. I am truly proud to call myself a TPI graduate and continue to use their training tools in my daily life.

Matt Robertson, CPA

Senior Manager
Clifton Gunderson
Jeff Rosengarten

The TPI program is a positive, life-changing experience. It makes you re-evaluate the basic way you approach the challenges in your life. Small changes add up to big improvements. The knowledge I have gained from participating in TPI is invaluable. The facilitators were top-notch, the topics were highly relevant and the relationships I developed with my peers are priceless..

Jeff Rosengarten, CPA

Payne Nickles & Company
Kim Ruef

The Partner Institute had a profound impact on me, and the principles that we learned are put to use on a daily basis. The Seven Habits content was invaluable, and has had a positive impact in all areas of my life. The relationships with peers around the country and TGP staff continue to be valued immensely. I am so thankful that my firm saw the value in this program and made the investment in me. I would definitely recommend this program to any CPA firm leader!

Kim Ruef, CPA

Senior Manager
Wegner CPAs, LLP
Ryan Smith

Going through the TPI program has been an experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Overall, the program helped remind me that marketing is more than just “pounding the pavement.” I have greatly improved my business development and interpersonal skills over the course of these three years, which will help me and the firm with its future goals. I’ve taken back pieces of information to fellow coworkers, which help assist in not only developing our individuals, but our overall firm.

There are two takeaways that I will bring with me from my time in the TPI program. First, I have developed the skill of prioritizing my time and projects, which will help me both at the office and at home. In addition, TPI really brings to light and makes you aware of how you present yourself to others. I’ve learned to tailor my message depending on who I’m communicating to, whether it is with a client, prospect or coworker.

As a result of being in the program, I’ve definitely expanded my network of valuable colleagues and friends. I’m more than willing to call a fellow participant to ask a question or bounce off an idea.

Ryan Smith, CPA/ABV, CVA

Petersen CPAs and Advisors PLLC
Jeff Thomason

To further echo my classmates, the TPI experience has been invaluable in providing me the knowledge base and tools to perform in the primary leadership role within our firm.

The course materials cover concepts and topics that are critical to the success of our organization. With the Covey concepts as a foundation of the program, I have developed as much personally as professionally as a result.

We have two young partners currently enrolled who are already seeing the positive effects of the program and enhancing the culture we are creating within our firm. Don’t miss the opportunity to empower young leaders with the skill sets necessary to be successful leaders within their firms.

Many thanks to Charles, Beth and the rest of The Growth Partnership team for providing this program. Additionally, thanks to my classmates for enhancing the experience by sharing their talents and providing input on a variety of topics. It is much appreciated.

Jeff Thomason, CPA

Watkins Uiberall, PLLC
Jason Tonjes

The Partner Institute is a challenging and demanding course. The time I spent learning about myself and how to work with others; co-workers, clients, and vendors has paid great dividends to the firm and has caused me to encourage two of my partners to also attend. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in growing their practice the right way, by developing good people and having good clients.

Jason Tonjes, CPA, CFE

Managing Shareholder
Bland & Associates, PC

Like most people, when I see a class that focuses primarily on soft skills, I am immediately skeptical as to whether it will be presented in a fashion that I can buy in without a rah-rah mentality, and how it will help me professionally and personally. I was pleasantly surprised with the program. The instruction was heartfelt and intelligent while the material was focused on the issues I face daily in my management and client relation roles. I whole heartedly believe the course was a worthwhile investment and now understand why our firm uses it as an informal right of passage on the path to partnership.

Gabriel Torre, CPA

Tax Partner
Squar Milner

I can’t say enough great things about the TPI program. It is more than I ever expected it to be and has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. The coaching sessions with TPI have been a great resource for me, providing valuable insight and useful strategies. Not only do I have a mentor to work through challenges with, but I have developed many wonderful relationships with my peers and classmates. What I will take away from this program will benefit me both professionally and personally for years to come. These are life lessons.

Michael Wages, CPA

Tax Manager
Cannon Wright Blount, PLLC
Ray Roberts

We have tried other programs over the years and we always come back to The Partner Institute. Over the years we have had 9 or 10 people go through the program. All of them loved it and we could see results in the people that have graduated.

So from RPC point of view, it is money well spent.

Ray Roberts

Managing Partner
RPC CPAs + Consultants, LLP