The #1 issue facing accounting firms today.

When you talk with any of the top consultants or leading practitioners in the profession they confirm that developing an effective successor generation is the number one issue facing accounting firms today.

Why? Research conducted by the AICPA Private Companies Practice Section shows that while 60 percent of CPA firms have owners between ages 55 and 62, over 81 percent of firms have no documented succession plan. These staggering statistics have many firms scrambling to find the next generation leaders in their firms—leaders who will excel in the areas of practice development, performance management and strategic thinking.

From leadership training to results.

Sophisticated firms realize that leadership development isn’t something they can simply delegate to “one of the partners” (someone who may have little to no formal training or education on how to develop leaders or serve as an effective mentor and coach)—it’s a deliberate process, precisely crafted with an intentional focus.

Sending your future leaders to limited “quick-fix” programs or conferences isn’t a long term prescription for success. In his Harvard Business Review blog, Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Robert H. Schaffer & Associates, demonstrates that translating leadership training into results requires a special blend of training, mentoring and perpetual practice.

TPI Leadership Development Model

As our development model illustrates, each TPI participant is immersed in a cohesive development regimen that balances feedback and interaction among their instructors, coach, firm sponsor and classmate peers.
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TPI At a Glance

The Partner Institute is a comprehensive three-year leadership development experience designed specifically for the CPA. Our program provides participants with world class training, a continuous learning environment, and a culture of accountability that is unmatched.